About Us

Rox Mny Entertainment is a recording label company which produces music artistes, recording studio, talents management ,show bizness, showcasing your goods products and services, renting of all types of entertainment equipments for music, comedy, movies, visuals, including all kinds of ceremonies and DJ performance.

Rox Mny Entertainment is a Nigeria based recording label company with regional office in South Africa owned by the Founder/CEO Rolex Emameyan Foundation, Ambassador Erhomo Rolex Emameyan.

Rox Mny Entertainment (Hallmark of Entertainment) was birthed in 2018. This Entertainment trends on

Recording label: Producing music artistes

Recording studio: Where you make your music come alive with producers and music directors.

Signing and managing talents: We sign talents.

Show Biz: We organize social events, concerts, gallery, movies and media.

Brand influencer: We add color by showcasing your goods, services products & businesses.

Renting of all types of entertainment equipments : We hire DJs and musical instruments for your social parties and ceremonies, also hiring for musical videos, comedy skits, movie production, visuals and media shooting.